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Clear frame glasses are one of the most popular eyewear trends of the year. Clear glasses has captured the imagination of fashion designers everywhere and is being transposed in an array of clothing and accessory designs, and most importantly into prescription glasses. The beautiful Keen frame is unisex so if you are looking for some oversized glasses in clear, this is the best choice. You can also get it in a trending transparent honey shade, which will look great on light, pale skin tones. People love their elegant design and beautiful look. If you’re looking for the coolest eyeglasses for both men and women, you have found them. White and clear plastic captured the attention of designers who use them in different fashion staples beaded bags, white shoes, transparent trench coats. Eyewear follows this direction, white and transparent frames being one of the top trends of this upcoming season for both men and women.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a subtle look or want to dress to impress, white or transparent eyeglasses will face the job. To keep the focus on your glasses, make sure you pick outfits or makeup in lighter shades. The Kila clear silhouette will be a business woman’s best friend. You can wear clear frames with prescription lenses or just rock plain ones to get a style boost.

Thick rimmed geometric eye glasses frames

The shape of the year is, well, any shape that brings a splash of geometry to the table. From the clear cut hexagon Ellis eyeglasses to the softer, Hudson shape that is more tamed around the corners. These frames are made to fit basically any face, since they mix together elements that pertain both to round glasses, and to the squared ones. But no matter the exact shape, the element that is an absolute must with these geometric styles is the thick rimmed frames, preferably in bold and bright colors. Or even a mix of colors if you’re one who likes to stand out and let the glasses speak for themselves.

Bright and translucent nude clear eye glasses

This millennial, dusted pink nude is forecasted to be the next neutral hue to reign supreme throughout 2020. Among the rainbow of colors that you’ll see this year, this warm color will be like a breath of fresh air. Add this distinctive frame and to make sure you’re not overlooked whenever you step in the room.

Ritzy is one of the most versatile and popular eyeglasses frames in our collection, for both men and women. The two toned frames combining pastel pink and the famous tortoiseshell demands for statement getups. A toned-down hue is easier to match with day-to-day outfits, so this pastel pink frame is a no-frills alternative. The tortoiseshell arms give a wonderful contrast and look elegant in combination with the translucent millennial pink shade. These popular eyeglasses will add a carefree vibe to an outfit or a bit of joie de vivre to grays and other neutrals.  However, to keep the focus on them, make sure to pick outfits in light colors as to not the steal their spotlight.

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